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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping Weekend

This past weekend we went camping at Silver Lake, it's only a 17 minute drive through the woods from our house. I wonder why we never camped there before?  We had a great time with family/friends and hope to go back and camp there again.

Our dog Lulu camping...

Boy T. brought his girlfriend K. by for dinner after he got off work.  I do enjoy their company.  She's a sweet girl (I think I'll keep her).  I'm sure there is about to be a fight between Girl M & Boy F.  Someone is falling off....

 Silver Lake as the sun is going down.  Looks like fall but it's true Florida evening!

Not too much going on the sewing front, I was asked to do a hem job for a young girl going off to camp.  Maybe that's the break I need? 

Until next time....


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