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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Update on Dear Hubby

I try to take more selfies, but it's so much better when we take one together!

Day Before Surgery
Ever since Dear Hubby's accident this past October he has continued to have trouble with his left foot.  We realized the Orthopedic Doctor he was seeing was NOT the best choice for him.  Various reasons but our #1 complaint was that the Doctor did NOT listen.  After 3 months since being released we realized that there is STILL something wrong with his foot.  It's hard to find a Doctor who will take a look at someone else's mistake.  But after a few phone calls and explainings we found another Orthopedic Doctor who would take a few minutes and LISTEN.

The new Doctor took new x-rays and found the problem.  Dear Hubby has a Lisfranc fracture on his foot.  The tendons stretched out/or tore when he fell and now the bones in the top of his foot have all shifted and separated.  Also his broken fibea isn't healed.  The Doctor couldn't guarantee how much the foot surgery would help with re-aligning the bones but said that it should relieve the pain.

The new Doctor noted that Dear Hubby should have had this surgery within 10 days of his accident.  When I look back at past Doctor visits, we didn't even see the previous Doctor until 35 days after the accident.  I remember calling the office telling them that he was in extreme pain but they said that is would just "take time" to heal.  Every visit is noted that he continued to have mid-foot pain.

Dear Hubby thought that the pain would eventually get better with time and after short term disability giving taking it's time to pay us and the Doctor telling us it will just take time to heal, he decided he was going to return to work.

I'm sad because Dear Hubby has been in severe pain daily and he never complained much but I felt that it was worse than he let on.  His foot/leg swelled daily and his limp has gotten worse.

It was a relief to know that there is something wrong but now another worry about IF the surgery will help.  Dear Hubby is thinking positive that unless he tries to see if the surgery will help he will never know.  The new Doctor is unsure if he will be using screws, pins and/or plates to re-align the bones. He won't be able to tell until he opens up the foot and scrapes away the calcium built up.

So now Dear Hubby will be home for the next 3 to 4 months with me.  Another test to see if we will enjoy each other during retirement!   I am happy to note is that this time around our home isn't in the middle of remodeling.  I need to get going on the kitchen but I am so HAPPY that I've procrastinated on starting!

I know God has a plan and I trying to see the BIG picture of all of this.  I am sure there is a reason for this trial.  I am trying to be vigilant and open to see HIS hand at work.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Until next time...............


PS.  Thank you for listening to my non-sewing update.


  1. So sorry to hear about your dear hubby struggles, hopefully things will turn around.

  2. I will add both of you to my prayer list. May you move this this with grace and SPEED.

  3. I am catching up after a road trip. DD's Easter dress is very pretty. So glad she really liked it. Sorry to hear about DH's continued pain. Hopefully this new Doc is what he needs. And I agree that you never know until you try. Sending good vibes and prayers your way.