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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Simplicity 7243 Blue Double Knit Dress & Hubby Update

Sewing with a recovering Hubby is almost like sewing with a toddler!  But I did sew up a quick version of my TNT Simplicity 7243 dress in a blue double knit fabric.  I made this version with short sleeves so that I could wear it without a cardigan during the hot Florida summer.

Simplicity 7243 Blue Knit Dress

Simplicity 7243 Texture

This fabric was so nice to work with.  It has a textured print on one side and is smooth on the other.

I am thinking that this pattern just keeps getting better and better.

Dear Hubby's surgery went well.  The Doctor said that the bones were easily moved due to being soft and that it made the surgery easier for him but recovery will take longer.  They sent him home that afternoon in no pain and he relaxed and started taking his pain meds before the surgery meds wore off.  About midnight he was in so much pain.  The pain meds were not even touching it.  He alternated with Advil every other two hours to help with the inflammation.  Finally at 5am he asked me to unwrap the bandage on his foot and leg to see if it would relive the pressure, and sure enough about an hour later he was out!  Finally asleep for a few hours.  The rest of the first day home his pain was between a 6 and 9 but he woke up the next morning and no pain at all!

Dear Hubby is not having to take any pain meds.  He wants me to unwrap ALL his bandages to see the incision, but I won't do it!  He's starting to get bored sitting in the recliner ALL day.  He has to have his foot elevated for 10 days until we see the Doctor again.  He tries to be a good sport but I would scream if I had to watch TV ALL day.  I love a little quiet during my day.  But we are hopeful that the Friday visit to the Doctor that he will get a hard cast and will be able to be a little more mobile.


I never did realize how much a grown man eats!  I have to fix him three meals a day and sometimes a snack.  I try to fix a meal or two during the week in the crock pot so that I don't have to use the oven.  It's been so hot here in Florida already and it's only April!  I like to cook on our grill but it does get lonely out there by myself.

I'm off to try to sew something.................

Until next time.........


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