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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

McCall's 3078 Linen Dress

I did finish the linen dress right away but the black rayon is not yet finished, just needs buttonholes, bodice attached, sleeves finished, zipper inserted and hemmed.  I thought that is was about halfway but once I wrote what was left I'm thinking I better get on it!

The linen dress came out great.  I like that the top covers my upper arms and chest very well, the length of the skirt is mid-calf.  I did wear it to Church on Sunday and received a lot of compliments.  The kids didn't like the dress at all...............maybe it's the color, or the shape of the dress......oh, well.

McCall's 3078 Linen Dress

McCall's 3078 Linen Dress-Back View

 The invisible zipper looks much better than the standard one I used in the muslin.  It turned out great!

McCall's 3078 Linen Dress-Invisible Zipper

McCall's 3078 Linen Dress-Buttons
I hope to finish the black rayon version of this dress and move onto something different.  I'm not sure what's next but I'll do a little digging in my pattern dresser.  I'm thinking maybe something with lace?

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  1. I love bold colors and this is nice!

  2. Thank you, I love bold colors too and floral prints!