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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Fabric Blessings and Patterns Too!

Another great haul from my Church lady friend!  She purged more patterns and a box of fabric too.  There were a lot of patterns for children and purse patterns in this load.  I found a few patterns that I will keep.  An apron pattern, a tote bag, a few wardrobe and skirt patterns.  Unfortunately I don't have any little girls to sew for, so I will be passing those along.

Fabric Blessings and Patterns too!

Fabric Blessings
 I love when fabric comes with a story!  I was told that this lace panel came from a trip to Europe.  They don't have screens on their windows and use lace fabric panels to cover window openings.  This is a beautiful lace panel.  There's a rod pocket along the top edge and a weighted hem.  How interesting!

Fabric Blessings-Lace Panel
 This yard of fabric is my favorite one out of the bunch.  It's a medium/heavy canvas type fabric.  I'm thinking a tote bag for the beach this summer.  It's talking to me..........

My Favorite Canvas fabric
When making my pattern fitting,  I use a brown kraft paper to redraw onto.  I have had the same roll of brown kraft paper for over 5 years!  It lasts forever.  I have finally gotten close to the end of the roll so I had to do some shopping.  Thank goodness for Amazon so I can shop from the comfort of my recliner. 

I found a roll of brown kraft paper that was 30" wide and 1010' feet long!  Compared to my previous roll that was only 24" wide, I won't have to piece fuller skirt patterns or sleeves. I can lay multi pieces of patterns on a sheet of kraft to retrace.  I'm ready to trace out patterns!

Brown Kraft Paper Roll for Pattern tracing
I'm hoping to work on another Muse Natalie Dress this week.  I was gifted 2 yards of a floral print knit fabric that I think will make a nice version.  The only thing that has me hesitant is that the floral print is a one way design............. 

Wish me luck...................

Until next time....................................


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