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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Floral Muse Natalie Dress 4th version

I really can't get enough of the Muse Natalie Dress pattern.  I was given 2-1/4 yards of a medium weight knit fabric from my church lady friend.  The fabric had a one way design with the flowers grouped into rows every 24"  I wasn't sure if it would work but the Muse Natalie dress pattern only has a few pieces so moving it around to where I thought the flower placement was needed turned out to be easier than what I thought.

Floral Muse Natalie Dress
 I have to keep reminding myself that the seam allowances are only 1cm.

1 cm seam allowances
 Gathering at the bust and skirt. Keeping the gathering stitches within the 1cm seam allowance. 

Gathering at the bust and skirt

Flower placement Muse Natalie Dress

The dress sewed up great!  I love the easy of assembly.  I looks like it takes a lot of time and fussing, but it just sews together like a dream.

I like the placement of the flowers on this version, it makes my waist look small.  I need all the help I can get in the waist, butt, thigh area.

This fabric seems to want to poof out at the stomach for some reason.  I am hoping that washing the fabric again, will softened the fabric, making it want to hang better. 

Fabric poof at stomach?

Floral Muse Natalie Dress

Floral Muse Natalie Dress-Back View
 Gertie, my dress form is closed to the smallest setting and my dresses are having a hard time getting on her!  I'm glad for that, but I'm between dress form sizes so I'm just going to have to make do.

Floral Muse Natalie Dress Bust View

 I have a tropical ITY knit that I think will make another great version. Maybe a sleeveless version and adding length to the hem about 2". Something for summer, cool and light.

Our dishwasher hit the dust last weekend.  I'm deciding on what model to get.  The last one only lasted 5 years.  We do use it A LOT.  At least once a day and on weekends, twice a day.  I'm just having trouble bringing myself to pay $700 for a nicer one.

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