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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

60 Minute Shawl Pattern-Easy!

I have had my eye on Nancy Zieman's 60 Minute Shawl pattern kit.  I think a shawl can change an outfit quickly.  I have looked everywhere for a pattern similar with no luck.  So I bit the bullet and treated myself to a little sewing splurge for Nancy's Notions since Fabric Mart Fabrics had mesh knit fabric on sale for $1.99 a yard at the same time. 

This pattern does NOT take 60 minutes!  It took me 40 minutes to pick out what fabric I was going to use and only about 20 minutes to sew it up!

Nancy Zieman's 60 Minute Shawl Pattern

Serger-three thread rolled hem
 I used my serger in a three thread rolled hem with wooly nylon thread in the upper looper.  It made the edges of the shawl ruffle slightly and the finish edge looked so nice
Shawl-Short view with grey dress
The fabric was very easy to work with.  As usual it was a purchase from www.fabricmartfabrics.com.  It's a mesh knit.  It's light and flowy fabric.  
60 minute shawl dots fabric-short view
 You can wear the shawl two different ways.  The long view has a smaller shawl collar and is about mid thigh length.  The shorter view is fuller, and the shawl is larger ending at the hip area.  Two for one, makes dressing easier.
60 minute shawl pattern back view-long version

60 minute shawl dots fabric short version

Mesh knit fabric close-up
 For the armholes I used my Steam A Seam 2 tape.  It comes 3/8" wide.  I trimmed the tape in half, making in only about 1/4" wide and snipped the tape every 2" so that it would curve around the armhole.  After applying the tape to the armhole with heat from the iron, I removed the tape then turned in the seam 1/4".  I then sewed once around the armhole.

60 minute shawl pattern long version front view

Serged three thread rolled hem close up

Universal needle 65/9

60 minute shawl dot fabric
 I made one shawl for myself and then turned around and made one for my Favorite Aunt for her birthday on Tuesday!

60 minute shawl pattern floral mesh fabric

60 minute shawl floral mesh knit fabric
 The fabric was so light and flowy that it seemed every time I took a picture, the fabric moved. 

60 minute shawl pattern floral mesh knit back view
 This is one of my new favorite, super easy, super fast projects.  What's next on my list of to do's?  Maybe a button front blouse.

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