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Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby Shower!

My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in three weeks!  I have been planning a baby shower for the last month for them so not a lot of me sewing has been going on.

I am so excited that I'm going to be an AUNT!  I have an Aunt that I adore.  Growing up, she was the one I always looked forward to her gifts.  She gave the best gifts!  For my 8th birthday she gave me a baton.  I didn't know I wanted one, but I loved playing with that baton.  I kept it until I moved out when I got married!  She also gave me a china tea set and a beautiful doll dressed in a wedding dress.  She bought me my first pair of high heals!  I love her dearly and not a day goes by I don't think of her.  We try to get together often and time flies when we do.  We can not talk for a month then see each other and chat and chat like we haven't missed a beat.  I LOVE MY AUNT!

Ok, back to the baby shower.  My brother and mother live about 75 miles away from me so we had a lot of planning over the phone and by e-mail.  I couldn't have done it without my Mom's help, she did a great job!

I have been to a few baby showers and I must say, they received A TON of baby stuff!  So much, my brother said he needs a bigger house!

Tigger diaper motorcycle diapers www.sewplus.blogspot.com
Tigger on a diaper motorcycle!
My Mom made this Tigger on a motorcycle from diapers!  She did a GREAT job and everyone loved it!

Baby Shower www.sewplus.blogspot.com
Baby Shower

They received so many cute outfits!  I think about 100 or so!  Only one or two duplicate items but I think they were pretty happy with the outcome.

I did sew this month but it was all baby stuff.  I found a yard of fabric on eBay with Tigger and blocks on it with a dark blue background.  I was able to make 2-bibs, tag blanket, regular baby blanket with minky dots on one side, a set of three soft blocks and a burp pad.  

I made the mom to be two nursing shirts.  They were easy but I'm such a worrier when I make clothes for someone else.  My brother measured her and send me the measurements.................he did a good job!  The tops fit her great!

Now the real countdown!  The baby is scheduled for June 10th!  That is my oldest son's birthday too!  So my Mother will have her oldest and her newest grandson on the same day!  That's pretty exciting!  

Hopefully I won't be away too long, there's only 6 more days of the school year left and the kids will be here to bother me all summer!  Sounds like lots of chores will get done!

Until next time.....................

(AUNT) Bonnie

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