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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fabric Cutting Table

I have a dear neighbor who is 84 years young.  She can run circles around me crafting.  I really believe that she an image of myself in 44 years!  She can sew, quilt, crochet, knit, loom, embroider, card make, scrapbook, I could just keep going!  She in so generous and shares everything she has with me.

Recently she shared this cutting table with me.  It is so nice to have a table that I can put away when I don't need it, is high enough it doesn't hurt my back when I'm cutting fabric and is as wide as  my fabric.  I have always cut my fabric on my dining room table.  It's oval and I've always just made it work, but this cutting table is WONDERFUL!

fabric cutting table www.sewplus.blogspot.com
Cutting Table

I found a nice lining fabric at Jo-Ann's yesterday for the purple sheath dress.  I also bought tan colored serger thread for a sheer poncho that I'm making.  I had hoped to be able to sew most of the day Saturday but my dear hubby signed Girl M and myself up for a hunter safety course!  What a way to spend a Saturday!

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