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Friday, February 22, 2013

New Look 6485 Tunic Top

I've gotten the sewing bug slowly, but at least I got it back!

I thought that I would try this New Look 6485 Pattern.  View C.  I have had this pattern for a while and I noticed that another New Look pattern I have and this one have the exact same top front and back piece.  I am thinking I am on to something here.

New Look 6485 pattern .
New Look 6485 

 Fabric from www.FabricMartFabrics.com; a linen cotton type fabric.

New Look 6485 serge seams tunic top
I tried to take my time.  I surged all the seams prior to sewing them.  The fabric wanted to fray some on the cut end.  

I seems when I sew I can't wait to finish.  I will get in a hurry and just jump from one step to the next.  This time I took my time and tried to enjoy the steps.  

Fitting Finesse Nancy Zieman
 I have used this book: Fitting Finesse by Nancy Zieman quiet a few times.  The directions are easy to follow and easy to understand.  I always doubt my measuring and making a paper template but 99.9% of the time it always comes out great!  I had to increase the pattern hip measurements alot.

As I have told you I am plus size.  My hips measure 58".  I increased the pattern by 10".  Talk about an hourglass figure!  I also had to increase the sleeve measurement but only by 4".

New Look 6485 Tunic Top sewplus.blogspot.com
 New Look 6485 Tunic Top View C Finished

New Look 6485 Tunic Top back view sewplus.blogspot.com
 Back view of Tunic Top

I made a thread button loop on the back.  Thank goodness for the Internet & online tutorials.  It was not as hard as I had thought so now I  think I'm a pro at making thread button loops!

New Look 6485 Tunic Top side view sewplus.blogspot.com
Side View of Tunic Top, showing shoulder, sleeve set & stitching of front & facing.

This pattern was easy to follow and I liked that it was something a little different.  While I was watching QVC this morning I saw they had numerous tops similar to this pattern.  Now I have a million ideas for this pattern.
Also I saw a maxi dress & bolero jacket on there this morning too. So now I have to try that!

On my table now is Butterick 5764.  It's for a maxi dress with knit fabric.  I am not too sure of a maxi dress with my size but I'm willing to give it a try.  I can always shorten it.  Also I've done some online reading on working with knits.  
They scare me!
But I'm going to keep working at it!
The fabric was another Fabric Mart purchase.  It's a zebra/tribal print in black & white.

Until next time................


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