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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ikea Adventure

Resting at Ikea
Our trip to Ikea on Saturday was an adventure!  My family is not the shopping type and definitely not the furniture shopping type.  I must say that Ikea is now my FAVORITE store!  My daughter's room is coming together nicely, she now has a grown girl room.

After buying the shelving, desk, wall shelves, I now have a million more ideas.  Putting together the units were alot easier than I thought they would be.  They were so easy that my 9yr old and my 12 yr old put them together themselves. 

Boy F. Installing shelves

Girl M at her new desk area

Putting shelving together with Dad.

Room almost finished

Well, I'm going to have to find a new room to redo.  I think her room came out great.  I will put a final finished photo once she gets all of her STUFF put up. 

Have a great day, until next time....


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