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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Still No Sewing but ANOTHER Hurricane!

Sorry for the absence of my postings.  There has been no sewing going on this past month.  Now that my back is feeling better I have been doing a little remodel/redecorating in the house and now we have ANOTHER hurricane.

Creepy Hurricane Matthew Picture

We are fortunate enough to be in just the outer area of hurricane Matthew but still the wind gust are expected to be between 39-79mph.  That is enough for me.  We will be evacuating to our son and daughter in law's home since they live in a block home.  Hopefully we will be able to return home late tomorrow evening.

One of my biggest peeves during storms like this is that people refuse to evacuate.  Since DH is in law enforcement is angers me that they expect to be rescued during a storm just because they didn't want to leave.  They don't consider other people's safety is being risked just because they are stubborn.  I will just have to pray....  Dear Hubby will be working during the storm and I worry about not only falling trees, but power lines and people trying to drive during the storm but also people expecting rescue during high winds.  But another danger is that people will be cooped up all day with each other drinking alcohol and they start fighting, calling law enforcement, needing a referee!  Sorry for the rant, I think it's from the drop in air pressure!

Prayers for Florida and that we all stay safe and are able to return home soon after the storm.  Also hoping that my sewing mojo returns soon too.

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  1. Your rant is completely reasonable and I am right there with you. People are told to evacuate for THEIR safety. I have heard that many places that ordered mandatory evac was also told police, fire and ems would NOT be responding. Good. They have to be safe as well.
    I have a friend in Port St Lucie and she is staying in her house. I think she is foolish. The eye is suppose to make landfall there. My daughter and her roommates are in Orlando. They are also staying. More worried about flying trees for them. I live in Atlanta and have offered all of them a place to stay....no takers.
    Yes, thoughts and prayers are with all who is in Matthew's path.
    Hoping your next post is all about the wonderful things you have been sewing.

    1. Home your family & friend fared well through the storm. We were truly blessed that we only had a little rain and a little wind. All is well......wait until you see the next post!

  2. I am glad you are on the outer edges, but still a good idea to be cautious and going to your sons. I can't hardly believe that there are people drinking and fighting during a crisis, and then putting others like your husband at risk for such nonsense. I have a lot of respect for those that are out serving others at times like this. Praying for everyone involved.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. We were truly blessed with a little rain (just 1-1/4") and a little wind. Dear Hubby never made it to work during the storm....I'll explain in my upcoming post!